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Balch Springs Library-Learning Center

Kids: Homework Help

GCF Learn Free: Math

Interactive articles teaching basic addition and subtraction all the way to algebra.
Practice questions
Links to video lessons
Ages 8 -14 

Math Game Time

Games and printable worksheets for basic math, currency, math word problems and more!
This site also has a large video library covering pre-k through 7th grade math concepts.
Ages 1 - 13

Online Exercises

Simple exercises for 3rd grade through 5th grade math. Fractions, measurements, decimals, and more.
Sign up for an account on to access these exercies.
Ages 8 - 11

Khan Academy: Pre-k to 8th grade Math

Video lessons covering simple counting to basic math all the way to geometry.
Helpful practice exercises.
Ages 5 - 14

View the 2020 - 2021 Bluebonnet Award Reading List

Online Exercises

Simple interactive reading exercises covering verb tenses, singular/plural, possessive forms, punctuation and more! Sign up for an account on with your email to access these exercises.
Ages 7-12

Khan Academy: Reading & Vocabulary

Storytime deep-dive! Featured stories with lessons on vocabulary and comprehension. 
Special unit on grammar.
Ages 6 - 15

GCF Learn Free: Grammar

Grammar lessons with picture examples. Topics include parts of a sentence, verb tenses, punctuation, homophones, and more!
Ages 7 - 12

Starfall: Learn to Read!

Simple activities teaching basic reading.
Ages 6 - 8

Science Fair Project Ideas

1,000+ project ideas. Each project includes a document download for the testing procedure.
Ages 8 - 13

PBS: Science

Video and interactive lessons covering biology, geology, astronomy, physics and more.
Ages 7 -  12

U.S. History

United States history online books covering pre-colonization to modern events. Each book has vidid illustrations.
Ages 9 - 14 

Khan Academy: U.S. History

Video lessons covering pre-colonial America through the 1990's.
Review questions and highlights of key terms and dates.
Ages 9 - 14

Khan Academy: World History

Video lessons covering pre-history, Agricultural Revolution, Dark Ages, Industrial Revolution, to the Cold War.
Practice questions and unit reviews.
Ages 10+

Library of Congress: Digital Collection

United States Library of Congress online collection of historical papers, archives, and documents. Collections include world cultures, government & law, war & military, art and more. If you need historical documents, this is the place!
Ages 10+

Texas Museum at UT Austin: Texas History, Kids Research

3-step guide to write a paper about Texas history. Topics include Native American life, the Texas frontier, and the Civil War in Texas.
Ages 8 - 12

Bullock Museum of Texas History

Texas history timeline. 
Artifacts gallery.
Virtual visit of the Texas capitol.
Ages 8 - 12

Kids In Other Countries

Video project showing the lives of other children across the world. Introduction to new cultures and languages.
Ages 5 - 12

Project Giving Kids

Connects children to volunteering opportunities and encourages empathy. Education plans include Aiding Animals, Caring for the Elderly, Helping Other Kids, and more. Sign up for a PGK account with your email and zip code to access these activities.

C.I.A: World Facts

1-page summaries of 75+ countries. 
Flags of the world.
Regional and world maps.
Ages 10+

GCF Learn Free: Computer Basics

Learn how computers are set up.
Learn and practice typing and mouse skills.
Ages 9+

Mango Languages

Interactive lessons for learning a new language. Choose from over 75 languages including Spanish, English, German, French, and so many more.
Ages 8+