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Balch Springs Library-Learning Center

Teens: Hobbies & Crafts

Bead Lizard Keychain

Summer Reading 2021 is almost over, however this craft can be done anytime! In this tutorial, Miss Teresa shows us how to make a beaded lizard keyring. You can find other templates here and use other color beads.

MakeCode Arcade

It's easy to spend hours here developing your programming skills by quickly creating and modding retro arcade games with code blocks and JavaScript. Create your own rules, game environment, and game play.

Chrome Music Lab

Create your own music with Music Lab's easy interfaces. Use sequencers in the Song Maker and Melody Maker. Digitize your voice with the Voice Spinner. You can even learn a bit of music theory and the science of sound.

Voxsculpt: 3D Image Sculpting

Create your own 3D Images. You can import your own creations or save them for use in other applications like game developments or VR experiences.


Point-and-click to blast colorful balloons in the fastest time. Take advantage of bonus cubes, but watch out for decoys!

Beautiful Audio Editor

Simplified 5-channel audio editor for adjusting sound files. You can import your own sounds or use sounds that are provided. If you'd like to learn how professionals edit audio, this is a good place to start.

Toppling Dominos

Simple, yet oddly satisfying. Create your own domino design by left-clicking to set a domino. Right-click & hold to tilt and change perspective. Then, right-click & hold while pushing your first domino over.