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Overdrive eBooks and Audiobook: Kids

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Featured E-Book

How I Spent My Summer by Mark Teague

Most kids go to camp over the summer, or to Grandma's house, or maybe they're stuck at home. Not Wallace Bleff. He was supposed to visit his Aunt Fern. Instead, Wallace insists, he was carried off by cowboys and taught the ways of the West—from riding buckin' broncos to roping cattle. Lucky for Aunt Fern, he showed up at her house just in time to divert a stampede from her barbecue party! Perfect for back-to-school read-alouds, here's a western fantasy with sparkling illustrations and enough action to knock kids' boots off!

Featured Book
for Check-Out

What Are The Summer Olympics? by Gail Herman

Back in 775 BC, athletes from all over Ancient Greece came together to compete in various games. The contests were held every four years and winning athletes brought honor and respect to their homelands.  The tradition of the Olympic Games faded over time until 1896, when they were brought back to life.