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Balch Springs Library-Learning Center

Program Policy

Program Policy

Balch Springs Library – Learning Center

Approved by the Library Board April 18, 2013

The Balch Springs Library – Learning Center shall sponsor a variety of community based programs that are free to the citizens of Balch Springs and surrounding communities. Programs may consist of activities, displays, posters, art work, presentations, guest speakers, or special events.  Library programs support the mission of the library by providing a wide range of educational, informational and recreational activities to the community in an atmosphere that is welcoming and respectful.  Library programs utilize staff, guest speakers, city officials, and volunteers with presentation that are objective and informational. Library program will focus on the needs of the community.

Programs will be coordinated by library staff and approved by the Library Director.  Programs are free and open to all ages, but some programs may target specific audiences such as storytime for children and computer classes for adults. Marketing is used as a method to inform people about upcoming events, and may only target audience’s specific to the event.

All programs will be approved by the Library Director. Acceptance of a library program does not constitute an endorsement of the program by the library.  The library does not accept programs that are purely commercial, political or religious in nature without the consent of the Library Director. For example a play based on a religious belief may be acceptable, but an official religious ceremony (church service) is not.  Questions, concerns or complaints about library programs should be referred to the Library Director.

Programs may be canceled due to uncontrollable factors such as weather or absence of a presenter.