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Balch Springs Library-Learning Center

General Library Policy


Revised and adopted by library board April 18, 2013


You must have a valid Texas picture I.D., school ID, valid passport or a Mexico Matricular Consular ID Card plus mail that verifies your current address.  Children four to sixteen may receive a library card with parent’s permission.  Teens younger than 17 requesting a card must have an ID plus their parent information on the application including a piece of mail in the parents name.  Library staff will contact parent’s to verify the request.  

  • PIN numbers: Pin numbers are assigned for you to access your account online. Your PIN number is the last four digits of your valid ID.
  • Computer cards: Computer only cards are available with a driver’s license or ID from any state. Computer cards expire after six months and must be renew by paying $2.50.
  • After receiving a card: You may only check out two books the first day with no audio visual materials.  After returning your borrowed items on time, you may then check out up to10 items per person. 
  • Lost cards: If you have lost your card, you may replace it for $2.50 by presenting your valid ID. Library cards are required for checking out library material or using the internet.
  • Teens and children’s under 17: Teenagers and children wanting a library card must have a parent fill out the application, sign, then bring back to the library with a piece of mail from home verifying the address.  All line items must be filled in including telephone number. Library staff will contact parent’s to verify the request. 
  • Teens 17 and older: Teens 17 and older may receive a card with full privileges as long as they provide a valid ID and a piece of mail with their name on it.


Over due materials returned late after the due date are assessed a fine.  Books left in the book drop and returned before we open will not be assessed a fine if they were due the previous day. A fine cannot be owed by any family member in order to check out new materials. 

Fines are as follows:

  • Books: $.15 per day
  • Kits: $.15 per day
  • Audio CD’s/Playaways: $.15 per day
  • Read-a-longs: $.15 per day
  • DVD’s & VHS’s: $1.00 per day
  • Music CD’s: $1.00 per day
  • Playaway Views: $1.00
  • Encyclopedia’s (older): $1.00 per day


All patrons with a library card may check out up to 10 items per visit. DVD’s, VHS’s and Music CD’s may only be checked out to adults 17 years or older. All family members must be cleared in order to check our new materials.

The loan period is as follows:

  • Books: 2 weeks
  • Kits: 2 weeks
  • Audio CD’s/Playaways: 2 weeks
  • Read-a-longs: 2 weeks
  • DVD’s & VHS’s: 1 week
  • Playaway View: 1 week
  • Music CD’s: 1 week
  • Encyclopedia’s (older encyclopedia’s only): 1 week

Patrons may have a total of 10 items per card.  Children under 17 have restrictions for items they may check out.

The following rules apply per check out:

·         2 Books on one subject

·         3 DVD’s, 4 VHS’s (only one series per check out)

·         3 Audio CD’s

·         2 Music CD’s

·         2 Playaways

·         1 Playaway View

·         3 Read-a-longs

·         2 Encyclopedias (older encyclopedia’s only)


If the item is late a fine is assessed. If the item cost is less than the maximum fine the item is assessed 150% of the cost of the item. If you have long overdue items over 90 days your name may be turned over to a collection agency.

Maximum fines are as follows

  • Books: $15.00
  • Kits: $15.00
  • Audio CD’s/Playaways: $15.00
  • Read-a-longs: $15.00
  • DVD’s & VHS’s: 20.00
  • Playaway View: $20.00
  • Music CD’s: $20.00
  • Encyclopedia’s: $20.00


Lost items must be paid if the materials are lost or damaged.  No swap or trade will be allowed. For a lost book patron will pay the replacement cost of the item plus a $5.00 processing fee. If the maximum fine has been applied and is more than the cost of the book plus processing fee, the maximum fine will be paid.


Library material that has been damaged must be paid in full. For a damaged book, patron will pay the replacement cost of the item plus a $5.00 processing fee.   If there is minor damage, costs will be as follows:

  • Damaged book: cost of book + $5.00 processing fee
  • Barcode removed - $5.00
  • Torn dust jacket - $5.00
  • Broken DVD/VHS case - $5.00


Any child under the age of 12 should be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.  Library staff is not available to provide supervision above the customary supervision provided to all patrons.  Children who are dropped off at the library should be picked up prior to closing.  The POLICE WILL BE CALLED to pick up children who are not picked up by 10 minutes after closing.  Library staff is not authorized to provide transportation to children who are left at the library beyond closing.


Any patron displaying persistent disruptive behavior may be banned from the library at the discretion of the library staff.


The internet computers may be used by anyone 12 and over that has a library card and children under 12 with adult supervision.  Patrons must present their library card prior to computer use.  Computers may be used continuously unless there is a wait. The circulation desk staff has the Internet Acceptable Use Form available upon request. Parents with small children using the computers in the children’s room are expected to monitor their children at all times. If the child becomes disruptive or unattended, the parent will be given one warning. The second time, the parent will be asked to leave the computer to attend to the child.


The children’s internet computer’s are located in the children’s room and may be used by any child between the ages of 4 and 11. Children 8 and under must be accompanied by an adult.  The Early Literacy Station computer may be used by any age child but adults are asked to monitor their children for protection of computer equipment. If assistance is needed, ask a librarian.


Teenagers and children wanting a library card must have a parent fill out the application, sign, then bring back to the library with a piece of mail from home verifying the address.  All line items must be filled in including telephone number.   We will call the parent to verify information given to us.


The following dress code policy had been approved by the Library Board July 17, 2008.

  • No undergarments may be showing at any time (underwear or bras).
  • No clothing with objectionable material either in graphic or print format may be worn in the library.
  • Shoes and shirts with pants or shorts must be worn at all times
  • No revealing or see through tops or revealing short shorts may be worn
  • No midriffs may be showing


Cell phone usage is not allowed in the library building as a courtesy to patrons and staff members.